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All popular types of carpet are available at Floor Covering Warehouse

When you decide upon a carpet choice, the furnishings, fabrics, window treatments, and wall color fall into place. The cornerstone of a design scheme is the flooring. Flooring is an integral ingredient used to set the style of a room.
Patterned carpet allows you to choose an animal print, for a sophisticated, exotic look, or any of our other pattern carpet selections for a look that is transitional and comfortable. There are many reasons to consider patterned carpet when making a flooring choice.
  • They hide a multitude of wear, spots, and spills. Even subtle patterns with varying textures help to conceal blemishes.
  • Pattern carpet adds detail in a room. Suggestions include simple check, floral, or geometric.
  • Carpet with patterns brings complexity and character to the overall design of a room.

Individual furniture styles are complemented by patterned carpet. Geometric looks great with Art Deco style. A classic, decorative carpet similar to European or Oriental rugs complements a traditional, formal room.
Wool Carpet in Stamford, CT from Floor Covering Warehouse

Wool carpets

Wool is nature's wonder fiber. Purchasing a wool carpet makes a person feel confident that the best flooring for the home was bought. Floor Covering Warehouse has styles that perform well when vacuumed regularly and cleaned periodically by professionals. As dirt particles make their way to a wool carpet, microscopic ridges catch them. The ribs prevent dust from being embedded into a wool carpet. They contribute to the good looks and excellent quality of wool carpet.

Wool carpet has a high protein content. It absorbs dye naturally. Dye makes its way into the wool and attaches to the responsive site offered. Wool carpet retains its color even after years of use. The wool carpet will still look beautiful.
Wool is a renewable resource that affords safety and comfort. Wool fibers are superior to synthetic fibers. They last longer, are resistant to crushing and dirt, and are inherently flame retardant.

Like customers from Westport, Westchester County, Stamford, Norwalk, New Canaan, Fairfield County, and Darien, you will find patterned wool carpet in our Stamford, CT showroom that will complement the decor of any room in your home.

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