2021 luxury vinyl flooring trends

2021 luxury vinyl flooring trends

A growing number of homeowners are choosing luxury vinyl instead of more traditional floor coverings. The highest quality luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile look strikingly similar to the natural materials they mimic. LVP imitates many different wood species while LVT looks like stone, ceramic, wood, and other materials like cement. Floor Covering Warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut, offers a large selection of trendy LVP and LVT styles.

Wood-look tile

With luxury vinyl, 'wood' can be installed even in moisture-prone spaces. Wood-look tile, which is usually a miniature version of a typical hardwood plank, is widespread. This adaptable rectangular tile is excellent for non-grid layout patterns like herringbone and chevron.

Textured ‘wood’

Not all wood-look LVT and LVP flooring are smooth. Textured luxury vinyl, which looks and feels like wood, is created with embossing techniques. Choose Embossed in Register flooring for the most authentic look. Texturing is perfectly matched to the wood grain pattern.


Water damage is never a concern when you choose the child- and pet-friendly waterproof luxury vinyl. This floor covering does not warp, peel, or buckle when it is exposed to moisture. In addition, it does not structurally change even when it is covered by water for an extended period.

Out of the ordinary

Today, homeowners aren't settling for flooring that has a traditional appearance. Instead, they choose to upgrade a space with multi-tonal planks or planks with an uncommon width or length. Mosaic to large format tile is used to design one-of-a-kind floors.

The flooring specialists and design consultants at Floor Covering Warehouse can help you design an eye-catching floor. In addition, our 75-year-old family-owned and operated business offer other services that include residential and commercial installation, area rug binding, subfloor repair, and free in-home estimates. We provide a shop at home service, too. We welcome your inquiries about luxury vinyl flooring.